Never Escape (2024) Review: A Suspenseful Masterpiece of Tamil Film

Never Escape Movie

Does the aptly titled Never Escape Movie(2024) live up to its suspenseful promise? This upcoming Tamil thriller, directed by Dsri Aravindh Devaraj and starring a talented ensemble cast led by Robert, Adhi Prithvi, and Harshini Harres Prabu, promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish. In this review, we’ll … Read more

Vallavan Vaguthadhada Movie Review: Story of Money’s Corrupting Influence

Vallavan Vaguthadhada Tamil Movie

Released on April 19, 2024, Vallavan Vaguthadhada is a Tamil drama film directed by Vinayek Durai. The movie boasts an ensemble cast featuring Tej Charanraj, Aananya Mani, Rajesh Balachandiran, Swathi Meenakshi, and Regin Rose. While the film has its flaws, it ultimately delivers a captivating exploration of how the pursuit of money can corrupt even … Read more

Dasara Tamil Movie: Release Date, Cast, Story & More | Nani and Keerthy Suresh to Star in This Action Entertainer

Dasara Tamil Movie

The Dasara Tamil movie is the latest offering from the actor-director duo of Rajasekhar and Viswanathan. This is their third collaboration, with the first being the hit film Dussehra, which was released last year. Now, they are all set to bring back the story of the Dasara, a legendary character. Here are some details on … Read more

Naai Sekar Returns Tamil Movie Digital Release on OTT

Naai Sekar Returns 2023 Tamil Movie

This is an action thriller film that features an exciting cast. The movie stars Naai Sekar, Vishnu Vardhan and Nikki Sahay. The film is directe by Naai Sekar’s brother, Manoj Kumar. The film is going to be release in both Tamil and Hindi. The movie will also be release in Digital format on OTT. Star … Read more

Thunivu: The Heist Thriller Starring Ajith Kumar and Manju Warrier

Thunivu 2023 Tamil Movie

‘Thunivu’ is a Tamil movie to hit theaters in the next few months. This film stars Ajith Kumar, City Chandran, and Marathi Chari. The movie is write and directe by Mahanadi Shankar. Manju Warrier Despite being in the background for the shooting of Thunivu, Malayalam actress Manju Warrier has a unique role to play. She … Read more

Kushi Samanth Upcoming 2023 Tamil Movie

Kushi 2023 Tamil Movie

Featuring actors Ali, Rohini, and Vennela Kishore, the film is direct by a newcomer and is set for release in April. This Tamil film is a story of a boy name Kushi who is a part of a group of kids with the mission of saving their village. It is also a story about family … Read more